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White Powder Gold, Ormus, M-State, the monatomic elements of David Hudson or the Elixir of Life, LIQUID CHI™ ORMUS CONCENTRATE by Solar Life Production is simply the most naturally balanced and pristine source available.

LIQUID CHI™, VULCAN'S TREASURE™, HERME'S ELIXIR™, and TITAN'S TONIC™ (now MANNA TONIC™) are supplied in an 8 ounce bottle that should last about 30 days. Complete instructions for use come with each bottle.

LIQUID CHI™ and VULCAN'S TREASURE™ are both $45 a bottle. HERME'S ELIXIR™ and TITAN'S TONIC™ (now MANNA TONIC™) are $65 a bottle. These prices include handling and shipping by priority mail anywhere in the U.S.A. For other destinations, please contact us for instructions.

We make no health claims for the use of LIQUID CHI™. We do suggest that its use may have a philosophical value, especially when used before meditation and QiGong or Tai Chi exercises.

If you are ill, seek the advice of a health care professional.

Solar Life Production is an activity of The Solar Life Foundation.

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