Endorsement by Laurence Gardner

Endorsement by R. Alan Fuller


More Energy with LIQUID CHI™

Euphoria, energy, healing, and spiritual effects with ORMUS concentrate products*

Chronic knee problem disappears*

Vitality increases; strength, sexuality, overall health, quality of sleep*

More vitality and health, lucid dreams, detox and moving through emotional states*

Waves of insight, cleansing, spiritual experiences*

Able to play the guitar for the first time in months*

Spiritual abilities surface*

Emotional cleansing accompanied by spiritual abilities*

Enhanced abilities through products*

Chronic fungal infection disappears*

Chronic Acne disappears*

Acne clearing up*

Inspiration manifests by writing a book*

Drastic Changes*

Pleased with results*

Just love your product*

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Endorsement dated 12/14/04

Since 1994, when the discovery of monatomic Transition Group elements (previously unknown to scientists) became public knowledge, I have followed the research in this field with a close interest. The words Monatomic Gold and Nano-Gold (along with mono and nano Platinum Group) are now common international occurrences in medical journals, with researchers amazed at their inherent properties in such as tumor control and immune system research. There are, however, only a handful of companies making these exotic elements available in the public domain. Among these is Ambrosia Technology. Having personally tested and evaluated the Ambrosia product range, I can confirm that their quality is second to none in the proprietary arena, and I am confident in endorsing them.

Laurence Gardner, Kt., FSA, MIoN http://graal.co.uk/

Inspiration manifests by writing a book* (top)

Endorsement dated 10/2004

Dear Arthur & Kathy,

"I wrote High Holy Adventure during the first eighteen months of taking your Ormus. A true consciousness food, an ingestible source that connected my intentions and what I actually produced. Ormus is a most impressive programmable nutrient interactive with consciousness. Many thanks for your perseverance to rediscover this ancient nourishment for expanding and deepening internal capacities."

R Alan Fuller www.highholyadventure.com

More Energy with LIQUID CHI™ (top)

Testimonial dated 8/20/2001

At 58 years of age I felt that I was in a dwindling, downward spiral physically. Each year seemed to bring more limitations, less stamina and more pain. Knee surgery, with cartilage removal, 18 years prior had left me with diminished range of motion and muscular atrophy. This limited activity and necessitated frequent rests when being physical. Associated limping also caused bowing and rotating of the spinal column, which gave additional pain. A shoulder, which had frozen up 6 years ago, never loosened up again completely. Arthritis in my hands was the source of more or less constant pain. In spite of all this, I tried to remain active, maintaining a large garden and restoring a 100 year old home. LIQUID CHI™ has changed my life. In the first 48 hours I noticed that I was experiencing less pain. Day by day I noticed that I had more energy and stamina. In fact, some days I wouldn't even take a break or stop for lunch. I lost a little weight and took my belt in a notch without even dieting. Also I have noticed that I don't need as much sleep. My attitude toward life and "joie' de vivre" have increased tremendously as a result of all this. What really amazed me and prompted me to write this testimonial is that, after only six weeks of LIQUID CHI™, I tried doing a Qi Gong exercise that had not been possible for me before, due to instability of my knee. I breezed right through the exercise, as though there had never been a problem. At last I feel hopeful that I will be able to enjoy the rest of my life without the constant, painful, depressing reminders that I am no longer young. Yes, I feel younger and happier thanks to LIQUID CHI™. I would recommend it to anyone.

Arthur Zeigler

Euphoria, energy, healing, and spiritual effects with ORMUS concentrate products* (top)

Testimonial dated 02/06/2002

When I originally tried Liquid-Chi, I had no understanding or belief in its ability to help me physically. In fact, I was looking forward to the possibility of spiritual growth and an enhancement of my body was not at all expected. What one discovers, or maybe rediscovers after taking Liquid-Chi, is that the body, the mind, and the spirit are all interconnected. Any one of the three can affect the other. If one is enhanced the others tend to be as well. I was not properly in tune with this concept when I first started taking Liquid-Chi and unexpectedly found myself reminded of the Body- Mind- Spirit Triad.

The first thing I noticed was occasional waves of overwhelming happiness at the most unsuspecting times. For reasons I could not explain, I would find myself in afternoon rush hour traffic, after a hectic day when it would seem quite plausible for me to feel burnt out, cranky, tired, and not wanting to reflect on much of anything. Instead, thinking quite clearly, feeling as though I had a huge supply of energy, I might then feel myself being overcome by a rush of euphoria. Quite strange, indeed! These effects are not just momentary and in fact tend to last throughout the evening. Through self- reflection, I was able to understand these feelings; Life is good!

The next thing I noticed was something I am still reluctant to admit to when speaking to people unfamiliar with this product; the sheer number of coincidences I seem to anticipate.

Lastly, I noticed Liquid-Chi's influence on my body. Expecting it would affect me in a spiritual sense only and not affect the Spirit-Mind- Body together as a whole, I did not make a connection between the changes occurring in my body and Liquid-Chi. Though my mind and spirit were soaring, my body was experiencing more and more of life's aches and pains, which for me, can be many. I know now that what I was feeling was healing.

Some 25 Years ago, I sustained a major injury, which, as often is the case with injuries, constantly nagged me to one degree or another. Conventional medicine, though quite effective immediately following the injury, had no long term solution acceptable to me for the pain and stiffness that occurred when this injury would "act up".

Physical Therapy and Exercise, though the most effective of all treatments, seemed to have run their course towards making me whole again. My common sense and the discomfort accompanying long periods of physical inactivity told me I needed to stimulate my injury in order to prevent any further decline.

About 10 years ago, at the prodding of a friend and with much skepticism, I tried Acupuncture and found that it could promote circulation and stimulate my injury towards further healing. Though costly, time-consuming and with results that were less than permanent, I considered myself fortunate to have benefited from its positive effects. Much of my discomfort was relieved and my body had a better sense of balance and well-being.

After taking Liquid-Chi I experienced a feeling of increased circulation in my body quite similar to the enhanced circulation brought about by Acupuncture. The healing effects and the accompanying sensations were so intense I almost discontinued its use but instead allowed the Liquid-Chi to "work thru" the problem. What I know now is that my body was healing old injuries in ways it never could before. In fact my body hasn't felt this good in a long time. I feel strong and no longer carry a sense of vulnerability with my injury. My joints feel great and I exercise now not for therapeutic purposes but because it feels good. I have not had Acupuncture treatments since before I started using Liquid-Chi and if things stay the way they are I won't want to.

I have now moved on to Vulcan's Treasure and am currently on my 3rd bottle. The effects I have experienced do not seem to vary a great deal from Liquid-Chi but the sub-conscious effects are by far more intense.

Never since early childhood have I had such vivid, intense dreams, with such perfect recollection. Rarely as an adult would I recall any of my dreams and if I did the subject matter was usually quite pedestrian but now, I have powerful dreams almost every night and its almost too much to process.

I now am looking forward with great anticipation towards what Hermes' Elixir holds in store for me.

Craig R. Williams
Sacramento, CA

Chronic knee problem disappears* (top)

Testimonial dated 03/29/2002

Dear Arthur,

I wanted to drop you a quick note about the benefits I have received from your product, Liquid Chi. To begin with I bought four bottles, four months supply, and after three weeks of one teaspoon a day I noticed that a chronic knee problem had begun to disappear. This was a knee that had bothered me for several years. After two months on the Liquid Chi ninety percent of the pain was gone, and now, after four months, I would say the knee is completely healed. Once again, this is quite remarkable because the knee was in a state where nothing I did seemed to help. I've had one other health benefit, which might be even more important. Since my mid-twenties I have been bothered off and on by heart palpitations. Lately, they have disappeared. Of course it is possible that is a coincidence but it seems unlikely. All in all, I think the Liquid Chi is an amazing health product.

Yours, CP

Vitality increases; strength, sexuality, overall health, quality of sleep* (top)

Testimonial dated 26/08/2002

Dear Mr. Zeigler; Thank you for your ORMUS - "Phoenix Fire" remedy, it did help me in several areas: my vitality improved over a period of just a few weeks (aprox. 20%!). The same happened with the muscle strength, sexuality, overall health status and in the quality of sleep. In the case of healing from injury and boosting my immune system it reached an unprecedented +5 on your scale. There has been improvement of about +3 in my breathing, Kundalini, as well as in the following areas: -5 in heat, and in Hu sound level about -2 (due to their life long presence at high levels), it was quite an experience. In the rest of the categories i.e., The Spirituality - Consciousness, Paranormal Effects, Mental and emotional, certain levels were already established prior your intervention and remained the same. In my case, there needs to be some work in the areas of telekinesis, levitation, loving myself and a true bilocation. In my conclusion; I would have to say that there has never been anything like this ever given to me, to be tested, and especially with these absolutely amazing results. I'm looking forward to our further cooperation and wish you all the success, which is absolutely deserved. Let me finish by a saying: You walk the talk!

Dr. RR., MD

More vitality and heath, lucid dreams, detox and moving through emotional states* (top)

Testimonial dated 05/31/2002

Aloha Arthur,

I wanted to report a few observations after about 3 weeks on Liquid Chi. My partner (59) and I (56) are both taking about 1-1/2 tsp each morning. We both noticed, almost immediately, more energy and focus. I began drawing again, and have returned to my art with new energy and freedom, after a 2 year hiatus.

We are remembering our dreams more, some are lucid. I feel calmer and more self-accepting, more confident and comfortable in the world, as well as within. I often feel great rushes of appreciation, many joyous moments like pearls strung through the day. I feel more vital and healthy than I have in years.

My partner is experiencing a gentle detox process, accompanied with a strong desire for a purer diet. Both of us have noticed a lower tolerance for alcohol. My 24 year old son has just started taking liquid-chi, and it will be interesting to hear his observations.

We've also experienced a few surprise revisits to "old" emotional patterns, but by applying the blanket forgiveness you suggested, we're able to move right through. Perhaps it brings up old emotional injuries for healing, just as it seems to do with old physical symptoms...

I feel honored an privileged to have come upon your products. Many thanks and blessings to you and all who are part of this discovery. I am excited to see what comes next.

L. S.

Waves of insight, cleansing, spiritual experiences* (top)

Testimonial dated 07/04/2002

Liquid-chi ... Sweet taste in my mouth is best described as ambrosia, wonderful ! Moments when suddenly I know who I am and can see clearly the trail that leads to this place. Have a grand knowledge and understanding of reality in general. A feeling of beneficence surrounds me. I feel gifted by life and have a deep sense of gratitude. This comes and goes in waves accompanied by many other insights and phenomenon. My diet becomes simple except for a craving for sugar of any kind, fruit, cakes, etc. Without knowing when everything stops and normal perceptions of reality take over leaving only the memory of depth insight. I stay with this plateau but eventually move on.

Vulcan ... I did not like Vulcan. It did its job oh so well. Like being cleansed at a cellular level. A deep sadness and a longing to go home( wherever that is). Having thought that I had done profound work on myself I was surprised with the flood of childhood memories. Reliving some of the first human imprints on my system I continue to detox.

Deep insight into the other half, the negative side. Nothing will become harmonious without first balancing this play of shadows. When this unwinds itself and settles I am glad to wish it a good day and begin looking forward again

. HERMES' ... Calm and quieting. Heart medicine. Accepting the flow of the way things are.

Taking smaller amounts than previously. Wanting more proteins. I have had several periods of profound recognition of the essential self. Also shown what talents/siddhi are available for my use. Teachings are offered that open the magic of the world and cosmos. Ended up exhausted and needing to rest for days after each one of these experiences. I am not quite through the first bottle and yet the message is clear, " In order to do, it is first necessary to be".

If I was to offer advise it would be this, there may be general directions but the map through lives inside of you. You hold the key, use it . I for one, Arthur, wish to thank for your service.


Able to play the guitar for the first time in months* (top)

Testimonial dated 08/17/2002

Art. It will be one month this Monday since you gave me the two bottles of liquid-chi at our last visit. You suggested it could help me with the epicondylitis I have been battling in my left elbow for 6 months. I have taken it every day (except one), two teaspoons in a glass of water in the AM. I cut out all other regimen's except one multiple vitamin pill a day and a tablespoon of flax oil a day. I did wear magnets on my elbow on some of the days I did physical work. I kept a journal. After one week I noticed the pain and discomfort moved more into the muscle and was less focused directly on the epicondyle. I played the guitar for the first time in months. I had a little discomfort in the arm after playing, but that went away the next day. After two weeks, the muscle pain began to fade. I have started working on our house again, and doing more gardening than I was able to do before. I am very pleased with how far this has come along in just a month. I do have a little flare up here and there, and I have learned to really pay attention to that arm and to how I use it and hold it etc. It has not come back to 100% function, but I would estimate that it is improved 85 to 90% in this one month. I know this is not a scientific study, but I did want to be as objective as I could in seeing if there were benefits from your product. I have to say there were. I have also been checking out most of the links on your web-site. Pretty amazing and heady stuff, this whole idea of monatonic elements. I feel like I am just scratching the surface, but would like to read more. There seems to be no end to the links and the references, so there is plenty to look at just using your site as a source. I've been blessed with some wonderful spontaneous luck on two occasions recently (luck or liquid chi?) Healing and good luck. Thank you for the liquid-chi. I will certainly continue to read and experiment with what you have.


Spiritual abilities surface* (top)

Testimonial dated 05/31/2002

Dear Ambrosia Technology,

I have been using your products for the past year and have tried all of them.

Each offers its own experiences and has its own unique qualities.

I find it effective to rotate through the different products.

When I seem to have absorbed the effects of one, I move on to another, cycling through as needed.

Last week I revisited MANNA TONIC.

On day two of using it I had more than six separate telepathic events with various family members. While it is not unusual to share similar thoughts with loved ones, these were very specific and unanticipated events accompanied by a sensation, physical in nature, of awareness and intention.

I attribute these experiences to MANNA TONIC and a year of physical healing and spiritual growth enhanced and driven by the use of all the Ambrosia Technology products.

With thanks,


Emotional cleansing accompanied by spiritual abilities.* (top)

Testimonial dated 6/28/03

Dear Arthur, this is Grisel. I think this should be on your website as well, since this happened as a result of taking liquidchi products. Wonderful results. I am reporting my husband's experience with Ormus Liquid Chi products.

After two months of taking the Ormus, he began what Castaneda would have called spontaneous recapitulation of his life, down to little details, specially family relations. His childhood emotions came back as if he had experienced them yesterday morning. Emotions came back with parental voices playing like a record on his mind (we are talking about a 47 year old man who worked for five years with a Fourth Way teacher and another three with a sufi teacher, he is also a visual and performance artist so he is used to dealing with emotions).

Last month, during the full moon, he had an emotional crisis. He explained that the emotions moved thru his body as choppy ocean waters. (That is the metaphor he used). With that level of intensity this crisis lasted about one week. For the following three weeks he danced (sacred dance) and practiced Tai Chi and yoga and everything else under the sun.

Once this was over, he recovered psychic abilities he had when he was a child: clairvoyance and premonitory dreams. His dreams are very vivid, some are lucid. A high level of artistic creativity is also present. His sense of smell has increased to the point of smelling at a considerable distance. He has developed an intense communication with children and animals, our cat can vouch for that. Sunlight kind of bothers him a little.

Well I guess this is it for now.

I am also tracking my experience so when I am ready I will let everyone know.

best regards,

Enhanced abilities through products* (top)

Testimonial dated 09/23/2003

Dear Friend, I have been using Ambrosia Technology products, (in the order suggested), for the past 4 months, and have been very pleased with the ongoing results. The nature of my work is alternative healing, and I utilize my claireaudiance, clairevoyance, clairesentience, and clairecognience daily. These abilities have certainly been enhanced by your products. Thank you for your part in bringing these "gifts" to the public.


Chronic fungal infection disappears* (top)

Testimonial dated 09/30/2003

Hello Arthur,

The package has arrived. Many thanks for this. I'll let you know how I get on with the Titan's.

Something I forgot to mention before -- which I guess must be another outward sign of ORMUS at work.....

I've been suffering for about 10 years with a fungal infection on the soles of my feet. Quite unbelievably, I contracted it from over exposure to dry rot when restoring an old building in the early '90s. In fact, my complaint is actually logged (humorously) in the doctor's file as 'dry rot of the feet'! Anyway, for 10 years I've had to pay close daily attention to it, with antiseptic washing and various anti-fungal creams just to keep it at bay and stop it cracking up and bleeding. Back in June, however, soon after commencing my ORMUS trials, the complaint disappeared totally, and there's been absolutely no sign of it since.

All best,

Chronic acne disappears* (top)

Testimonial dated 12/22/2003

Very soon after I started taking the Merlin's Chalice, I noticed an improvement in my acne. I'm a 35-year-old male who has had chronic acne since I was about 16. I've been into natural health for at least 15 years, and have tried everything under the sun to help with my acne condition. A few things have had a marginal effect, but never anything lasting. Merlin's Chalice is the first thing I have tried that has worked quickly and effectively in helping to clear up my acne

Acne clearing up* (top)

Testimonial dated 01/16/2004

I wanted to let you know about something that I tried. I have had really bad acne, or what doctors call acne for a long time but I have always thought I had something wrong, like toxins in my body or a serious hormone imbalance. I mixed about 2 tbs of the liquid-chi with about 1/3 of a cup of water in a dark plastic container and threw in some cotton balls. I've been using it as a toner twice a day. My acne is clearing up and new breakouts heal up within a day or two as opposed to weeks.

Now I would think this might be the combo of the internal and external for me, which is a great thing.

However, my cat hurt her foot about 2 weeks ago and we've had a terrible time getting it to heal. I put the mix above on her foot 2 times the first day. By the second day the ½ inch wound was almost gone!!!!


Great stuff.

Marie L.

Inspiration manifests by writing a book* (top)

Testimonial Dated 10/2004

Dear Arthur & Kathy,

"I wrote High Holy Adventure during the first eighteen months of taking your Ormus. A true consciousness food, an ingestible source that connected my intentions and what I actually produced. Ormus is a most impressive programmable nutrient interactive with consciousness. Many thanks for your perseverance to rediscover this ancient nourishment for expanding and deepening internal capacities."

R Alan Fuller www.highholyadventure.com

Drastic Changes* (top)

Testimonial Dated 12/11/2005

Thank you so much for all of the help you provide to so many people...the change in my husband is so drastic, sometimes I think I barely know him! This stuff is miraculous---magical!

AJ Ontario, CA

Pleased with results* (top)

Testimonial Dated 12/15/2007

I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with your product line. I have tried many different products throughout my years on the this path to find a higher truth, and few if any have had the result that your product has. I look forward to the next level of product, thanks again.


Just love your product* (top)

Testimonial Dated 1/27/2010

I have been a customer for a while and I just love your product. I can't even imagine using a product from another company. I do many things related to personal transformation but in so many ways I feel like a completely new person and I know in some way I owe a good bit of that to the effects your products have had on my life. Not everything has been pleasant but it just has a way of magnifying and bringing all the trash up into my awareness so that I can consciously seek to transmute it. I feel so much more open at this point and have so much less bottled up negative energy now. Its an amazing feeling.
Let me know how much I owe you and where to send the check.

Michael A., Louisiana


White Powder Gold, White Gold Powder, ORME, ORMUS, M-State, sorcerers stone, the monoatomic elements of David Hudson or the Elixir of Life, LIQUID CHI™ ORMUS CONCENTRATE by Ambrosia Technology is simply the most naturally balanced and pristine source available.

Individual results are highly variable. It is possible that a person using these products will not have experiences similar to those mentioned in the testimonials.

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