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The ancient Chinese traditions of Medicine maintain that sickness, pain, and other health problems are caused when “Chi energy” is blocked. When Chi energy flows freely through the body, Chi energy heals and restores the body. ORMUS concentrate products help to rejuvenate all areas of life by removing energy blockages. ORMUS monoatomic gold works to bring your body’s PH into balance, decalcify the pineal gland and bring balance to the whole system.

At its base this is an alchemical elixir of many names revered by the Ancients. It has been called “Cleopatra’s Milk,” “Manna” and the “Elixir of Youth.” In essence, Ormus monoatomic gold is Life Force or “Chi” in liquid form.


Recent scientific theory maintains that ORMUS & Monoatomic gold minerals are created when the atoms’ outer electrons, all within the “influence” of the electron cloud, begin to rotate around the nucleus in the same direction. This state elongates the nucleus and places the elements in a “higher” energy state.

When our ORMUS monoatomic gold products are taken as a supplement the results may be profound. Our new as well as our long time customers report many benefits from THE SOLARLIFE PRODUCTION’s products, such as…. Increased vigor, stamina, healing, mental clarity, emotional cleansing, spiritual enhancement, dna activation, flow state, calm and focus, increase in intuition, vivid and lucid dreams.


Our Ormus Monoatomic gold concentrate and elixirs, have been tested for almost 20 years.
Our Elixirs are patented, there is nothing else quite like it

We electrically charge our premium Ormus Concentrate Products with a High Energy frequency machine invented by Nikola Tesla. We take our water from Very Pristine sources, and make a lot of effort to do so. Some of the purest water on earth is used to make our products. We source our Salt water from the San Juan islands in Washington State and we source our fresh water from the well known, best kept secret: the very pure Olympia Artesian Well in Washington. The product is cultivated and finished at a group meditation house and imbibed with light, love, wisdom and healing. Sealed in a EMF and radiation protected environment and shipped in EMF protective bagging to ensure the product arrives as immaculate as it was created.

Liquid Chi Level 1 ORMUS Monoatomic Gold
 Vulcan's Treasure Level 2 ORMUS Monoatomic Gold Liquid Chi
Hermes' Elixir Level 3 ORMUS Monoatomic Gold Liquid Chi
Manna Tonic Level 4 ORMUS Monoatomic Gold Liquid Chi

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* Please note: Each product comes in 8oz bottles.


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