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Superfood Mineral Supplement – The Baseline

All SolarLife Productions Monoatomic Gold products act as a Superfood Mineral Supplement for your body, mind and spirit. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking Liquid Chi, Vulcan’s Treasure, Hermes Elixir or Manna Tonic; they all provide this baseline foundation on top of their specifically crafted ORMUS benefits that are alchemically enhanced ORMUS product concentrate specific. These ORMUS superfood minerals created by SolarLife Productions all will enhance your mood, improves cognitive function, increases neuroplasticity (accelerating learning), improves memory, improves focus & clarity, promotes positive thinking, increases motivation & drive, and supports overall long-term brain health, while lowering high blood pressure levels, lowering risk of heart disease, stroke, helping fight inflammation, preventing migraine attacks, improving PMS symptoms, promoting bone health, better sleep, reducing anxiety symptoms, regenerate cells and restoring skin’s normal elastic properties.


The Monoatomic Gold Ormus Experience and Journey

There is a common consensus from the feedback of SolarLife Productions customers that what is first noticed as being an improvement in energy levels, improved focus, awareness, mindfulness and mental clarity, a reduction in menopausal symptoms, an improvement in dream recall, lucid dreams, ease of astral projection, a true Aphantasia cure, while hydrating their skin, promoting strong healthy shiny hair and stronger nails. While activating the emotional healing process by being able to see and become conscious of environmental triggers of memories that were acting previously at an unconscious level. For those who are already engaged in their own emotional healing process, notice and become conscious if not already that this emotional healing moves from the traumatic experiences experienced by the individual in their body to more transpersonal archetypical collective experiences. Another common experience that is seen often very early on in testimonials is a piercing or lifting the veil as it is called or breaking of the 4th wall.

When taking ORMUS daily as directed over a short period of time, SolarLife Production’s customers across the board report that they begin to experience the benefits of pineal gland decalcification, deep emotional healing, peak performance in all areas of life, vision improvement, cellular regeneration and nourishment, slowing down of the ageing process, restorement of optimal Ph balance, repairment of RNA and DNA and genetic healing, whole brain (right & left-brain synchronization), sharp intuitive powers, enhanced manifestation power which is experienced as a higher vibrational state of Being, re-membering, integration, beyond all description, numinal and unitive states, fully immersive – expansion.


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*Nothing in this information is intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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