Vulcan’s Treasure – Level 2


The source material for this extract comes from the “Forge of the Gods”, a living volcano. This mineral extract is made from the highly paramagnetic volcanic ejecta of Mount St. Helens. 

In the past, only a very few were able to partake of this type of M-State extract, as it was too unstable to be shipped without losing its essence. The source material for this product is gathered in the shadow of the volcano, a natural source, and with a proprietary method the first stable extract of this kind is produced.

The Volcanic extract is blended with LIQUID CHI™ to produce a very potent product which we have named, VULCAN’S TREASURE™.

The spiritual effects of VULCAN’S TREASURE™ are different from those of LIQUID CHI™. For maximum effect, it should be approached on a gradient. LIQUID CHI™ will remove blockages, making way for VULCAN’S TREASURE™ to balance energy and proceed on other levels. These changes cannot be rushed and must proceed at their own pace for maximum benefit.

To maximize the overall effects of Solar Life Production products it is recommended that TWO bottles of Vulcans Treasure™ are taken prior to moving to Hermes’ Elixir™- Level 3.

  • Continue to remove energy blockages and create energy balance
  • First stable extract of its kind
  • Gathered in the volcano’s shadow


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