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What is ORMUS?

What will ORMUS do?


Liquid Chi ORMUS Concentrate Products

What is ORMUS?


The material has been called ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, AuM, microclusters, M-State, and ORMUS. ORMUS White Powder Gold was rediscover by David Hudson in 1970 who believed this exotic substance was the legendary Philosopher Stone, the mythical prize of the alchemical enquiry that could turn-base metals into gold, cure any illness and elevate the soul of man to enlightenment. Ormus has been known throughout history by other names for example by the Egyptian pharaohs as the “Elixir of the Gods and The Bread of Presence” named MFKZT (pronounced mufkuzt) which the name was rediscovered in Serabit el-Khadim (Arabic: سرابيط الخادم‎) in the southwest Sinai Peninsula of Egypt inscribed on a Temple to Hathor. This substance was also known ancient Mesopotamia as Shem-An-Na.

Ormus has only recently been recognized as a fourth and fifth state of matter over and above solid, liquid and gas. The composition of these precious metals can exist in an energetic state that defies conventional atomic theory and are not held in a metallic state where the elements cannot be found on the Periodic Table. These M-State materials have a single-atom or diatomic element that have two atoms per molecule that are within a high-spin state that don’t behave as particles but as Light and exhibit quantum behaviors such as anomalous responses to gravity, magnetic levitation and tunneling through solid object, super fluidity, and anomalous responses to gravity. 



What will ORMUS do?


It can be considered a lifehack or biohack by some for the way Ormus immediately gets to work to allow you to live an optimal life that is true to yourself. These Ormus concentrated minerals immediately go to work burning through all your blockages and clearing your Path by aiding in regeneration and rejuvenation and assisting in spiritual transformation and integration. Think of each of the cells of your body as a tired drained battery that can be recharged and rejuvenated by the elemental life force released by ORMUS Monoatomic Gold Concentrate Products from SolarLife Productions.  


ORMUS Healing and Rejuvenation

Many have made claims for healing and rejuvenation but we believe that those abilities are inherent in the strong healthy body and positive attitude which the naturally balanced minerals in ORMUS Concentrate Products can help to achieve. 


ORMUS Mental Enhancement

ORMUS works as a nootropic ‘cognitive enhancer’ safely, legally and without any of the negative side effects of common “smart drugs”. Customers claim SolarLife Productions concentrate products have improved their memory, increased their mental alertness, mental clarity and concentration as well as boosted their energy levels and wakefulness. Hermes Elixir is developed specifically to go above and beyond on increasing your intellectual productivity by super-charging your brain’s neural pathways, so they act like a quantum drive superhighway to the known and unknown. This means that all your senses will receive inputs optimally and those inputs can be processed optimally, activating the dormant parts of your brain while unlocking your genius by syncing both hemispheres in the brain, enhancing memory, problem solving skills, psychic ability and increasing cognitive perception. Our customers attest to amplifying drive & productivity, fuels cognition and stress resilience, enhanced mental clarity, calmness, increased intuitive powers, insightfulness and a sense of connection to a higher state of awareness. Many have expressed this to us as a higher state of BEING.


ORMUS Increases Vigor

Ormus monoatomic gold is known for increasing overall strength and health not only in humans, but plants and animals as well. Many weightlifters, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and martial art instructors utilize Liquid Chi to maintain their optimal strength, endurance and quick recovery time. The increase of force and vitality that ormus provides will allow you to shine in whatever endeavor you pursue. Many years ago a stamina testing was established with Liquid Chi showing that white mice, whose diet was supplemented for thirty days with Ambrosia Technology’s proprietary blend of Ormus Concentrates (now Solar Life Production’s blends), demonstrated the capability of swimming more than three times the duration of a control group which did not receive the supplement.   


ORMUS Meditation Supplement

SolarLife Production’s products are created within a meditation house. We have several meditations practitioners, spiritual and religious groups from a variety of traditions taking Liquid Chi Ormus consistently and regularly before meditation and ritual practices or utilizing Liquid Chi Ormus as their sacred sacrament or combining it with their plant medicine ceremonies. One word we hear time and time again when taking the product specifically for a spiritual intent that is experienced is “integration”. 

It doesn’t matter if you are doing basic ritual work or prayer to astral travel and dream yoga to advance meditation practices Liquid Chi can help support your practice. Continuous reporting of individuals experiencing luminosity and clear light awakening deeper and more profound meditation states. Easier access to higher jhanas. Stabilizes bhumi attainment or Manonasa or Henosis. Supports clearly perceiving the workings of dependent arising and direct understanding “the signless”. Assists the progress of Insight stages and their specific perceptual shifts and upgrades. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning and dealing with The Guardian of the Threshold or more advanced moving through the gateless gate to raising the kundalini to Infinite Eternal Awareness-Love-Bliss to complete integration of the Being Liquid Chi will support, stabilize, and assist your personal initiatory process, awakening and realizations. Here are some Spiritual Resources if you are just beginning your meditation journey.




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