Hermes’ Elixir – Level 3


We start by taking Vulcan’s Treasure and dehydrating it by 80%. To this super concentrate we add alchemical “Wine of Gold” and reconstitute to the original volume.

The final product is both full strength LIQUID CHI™ and 80% “Wine of Gold”. We call this mixture HERMES’ ELIXIR™.

A scientific study done by Belmar pharmacy has shown that colloidal gold has been proven to raise IQ scores in as little as 30 days.

This should be the third product in our sequence. If one goes out of sequence with our products we believe they do themselves a disservice. When the products are used as recommended, the effects may be profound.

To maximize the overall effects of Solar Life Production products it is recommended that TWO bottles of Hermes’ Elixir™ are taken prior to moving to Manna Tonic™ – Level 4.

  • Many users have reported euphoria, mental clarity, enhanced awareness
  • Colloidal Gold proven to raise IQ scores in as little as 30 days
  • 80% “Wine of Gold” AKA – Red Diatomic Gold


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