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ORMUS Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recommend I take Ormus, where do I start?

Solar Life Productions endorses the 4-level system created by the founder of Liquid Chi and our patented process.

Starting with Level 1 Liquid Chi
Level 2 Vulcans Treasure
Level 3 Hermes Elixir
Level 4 Manna Tonic

This Time tested process has been experienced by a large number of people in the past 20 years, written about in several books and is still helping many people today.

We recommend taking 2 to 4 bottle’s of each level before moving on to the next. Starting at level 1 Liquid Chi.

1 bottle lasts about a month if taken as recommend.

We recommended obtaining a journal to log your experience.

Any of our products can be taken out of the recommended order without any harm. We always encourage our participants to do what they feel is best. Solar Life Production’s ORMUS has a cumulative effect.

What is ORME, ORMUS, or M-State?
In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange characteristics from a portion of gold he was mining on his land. The gold (Au) had ceramic properties and did not “act” like its metallic counterpart. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with this unusual material. It was found that many of the transition elements have a counterpart similar to the non-metaliic gold discovered in the 1970’s. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and the methods for obtaining them.David Hudson called the materials Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state. All of these m-state elements are abundant in sea water. According to David Hudson’s discoveries, these elements in their m-state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts.These ORMUS elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, super fluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation. They may enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell. Recent studies show us that ORMUS Iridium and Rhodium exist on the ends of DNA strands.

According to David Hudson, the ORMUS elements connect with the non-physical reality through what is called the zero point. One way to look at this idea is that there is endless potential for new energy. Some believe that consciousness influences matter. Many studies of these materials consist of looking for and understanding the linkages between consciousness, matter, and all that exists, the oneness seen by Bohm, Everett, Bohr and other such pioneers as the quantum domain.” “MONATOMIC GOLD is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation” – Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author Vibrational Medicine. MONATOMIC GOLD is a trace mineral complex derived from a natural occurring mineral deposit that provides relatively high levels of monatomic minerals. The modality of these minerals in the body appear to be solely electromagnetic, rather than biochemical.

Since ancient Egyptian times, alchemists have worked in secret to produce something called the Philosopher’s Stone, or the Elixir of Life. The materials that Hudson and other researchers have found are believed to be related to the Philosopher’s Stone. The materials have been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna.

What can these ORMUS products do for me?

We receive many testimonies from our customers who tell us they have experienced: Dramatic healing and rejuvenation, addiction recovery, no more depression, enhanced beauty and youthfulness, awakening of the consciousness, huge increase in willpower, constant state of bliss, enhanced virility, endurance and stamina, no more mental fog, mental clarity, calmness, feeling of radiance and glowing, increased intuitive powers, ability to penetrate and unravel secrets of the universe and the mind, noetic thought, insightfulness, lucid dreaming, dream recall, astral projection, experiences in higher realms, kundalini rising, living now in fourth state of consciousness (Turiya – profound perfect inner illumination), integration or elimination of ego or shadow depending on their workings, clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), claircognizance (knowing), telepathy, telekinesis, molecular manipulation, self-particle manipulation, jinn state (hyperspace travel) and a sense of connection to a higher state of awareness and Being.

For those who have given it to their pets we have even received stories of extreme healing and even photos of regrowing of the animals tail.

Ormus monoatomic gold effects everyone different, those who are more sensitive, tend to experience the subtle effects Ormus has more quickly.

Will Liquid Chi ORMUS heal my body?

Liquid Chi is not a drug. It does not treat symptoms. Liquid Chi acts on the body’s meridian system by removing blockages and balancing energy flows. When energy flows freely, the body is more able to heal itself. We believe the human body, and more so the human being, has the ability to heal itself. While we make no claims for the treatment of any ailment our customers have reported numerous specific beneficial changes on many different levels.

Please check out our ORMUS Testimonials section to find out what others have to say about Solar Life Production.

What is the ORMUS dosage?

All Solar Life Production come with instructions for use. In general, you can expect an 8 ounce bottle to last about a month. Ormus monoatomic gold concentrate works best taken in the morning on an empty stomach (ideally 30 minutes to one hour before eating). If used, other nutritional supplements or vitamins should be taken later in the day. 

We recommend taking Ormus concentrate once or twice per day on a consistent basis. Research has shown that more is not necessarily better. To maximize the overall effects of Solar Life Production it is recommended that TWO bottles of each Level are taken prior to moving to the next level.

Is it necessary to take Solar Life Production's ORMUS products in the order listed?

Maximum benefits come with duration of use. As the meridian system is cleared and strengthened it can beneficially handle a greater energy flow. Solar Life Production’s ORMUS has a cumulative effect.

Can I share Ormus concentrate products with my pets?
Yes. Animal testing that we have done with white mice has demonstrated that animals benefit greatly from Ormus supplementation. The daily dose for an animal should not exceed 8 drops for each 5 pounds of body weight.
Will Ormus reverse aging?

ORMUS allows the body to reach its full biological potential for its present age. If you have aged prematurely, you may appear to become younger after using ORMUS for a while. ORMUS users frequently notice that they age much more slowly than other people and have a youthful glow.

Can I use Ormus on my house plants?

Yes. Add 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water when you feed and water your plants. You will be amazed at their increased vigor. ORMUS on plants benefits include:

  • Increased crop yields
  • Decreases the need for pesticides
  • Increase mineral and vitamin content
  • Improved photosynthesis
  • Stronger plant resistance to insects and disease


I am interested in ascension. Can I start with the strongest ORMUS products?

Ormus is not an enlightenment pill. It will greatly speed your progress along your chosen path but you must still do the work. For maximum gains please follow the program as presented.

Do you have any spiritual resources that you recommend?

The Solar Life Production team has worked with a variety of traditions, teachers and practices over the years. The team has provided some unique spiritual resources that have helped them along their paths including where they recommend to get alchemy training or apprenticeship. May you find what you are looking for in these pages and May you be at Peace.

Nothing in this information is intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.



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*Nothing in this information is intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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