I wanted to drop you a quick note about the benefits I have received from your product, Liquid Chi. To begin with I bought four bottles, four months supply, and after three weeks of one teaspoon a day I noticed that a chronic knee problem had begun to disappear. This was a knee that had bothered me for several years. After two months on the Liquid Chi ninety percent of the pain was gone, and now, after four months, I would say the knee is completely healed. Once again, this is quite remarkable because the knee was in a state where nothing I did seemed to help. I've had one other health benefit, which might be even more important. Since my mid-twenties I have been bothered off and on by heart palpitations. Lately, they have disappeared. Of course it is possible that is a coincidence but it seems unlikely. All in all, I think the Liquid Chi is an amazing health product.

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