When I originally tried Liquid-Chi, I had no understanding or belief in its ability to help me physically. In fact, I was looking forward to the possibility of spiritual growth and an enhancement of my body was not at all expected. What one discovers, or maybe rediscovers after taking Liquid-Chi, is that the body, the mind, and the spirit are all interconnected. Any one of the three can affect the other. If one is enhanced the others tend to be as well. I was not properly in tune with this concept when I first started taking Liquid-Chi and unexpectedly found myself reminded of the Body- Mind- Spirit Triad. The first thing I noticed was occasional waves of overwhelming happiness at the most unsuspecting times. For reasons I could not explain, I would find myself in afternoon rush hour traffic, after a hectic day when it would seem quite plausible for me to feel burnt out, cranky, tired, and not wanting to reflect on much of anything. Instead, thinking quite clearly, feeling as though I had a huge supply of energy, I might then feel myself being overcome by a rush of euphoria. Quite strange, indeed! These effects are not just momentary and in fact tend to last throughout the evening. Through self- reflection, I was able to understand these feelings; Life is good! The next thing I noticed was something I am still reluctant to admit to when speaking to people unfamiliar with this product; the sheer number of coincidences I seem to anticipate. Lastly, I noticed Liquid-Chi's influence on my body. Expecting it would affect me in a spiritual sense only and not affect the Spirit-Mind- Body together as a whole, I did not make a connection between the changes occurring in my body and Liquid-Chi. Though my mind and spirit were soaring, my body was experiencing more and more of life's aches and pains, which for me, can be many. I know now that what I was feeling was healing. Some 25 Years ago, I sustained a major injury, which, as often is the case with injuries, constantly nagged me to one degree or another. Conventional medicine, though quite effective immediately following the injury, had no long term solution acceptable to me for the pain and stiffness that occurred when this injury would "act up". Physical Therapy and Exercise, though the most effective of all treatments, seemed to have run their course towards making me whole again. My common sense and the discomfort accompanying long periods of physical inactivity told me I needed to stimulate my injury in order to prevent any further decline. About 10 years ago, at the prodding of a friend and with much skepticism, I tried Acupuncture and found that it could promote circulation and stimulate my injury towards further healing. Though costly, time-consuming and with results that were less than permanent, I considered myself fortunate to have benefited from its positive effects. Much of my discomfort was relieved and my body had a better sense of balance and well-being. After taking Liquid-Chi I experienced a feeling of increased circulation in my body quite similar to the enhanced circulation brought about by Acupuncture. The healing effects and the accompanying sensations were so intense I almost discontinued its use but instead allowed the Liquid-Chi to "work thru" the problem. What I know now is that my body was healing old injuries in ways it never could before. In fact my body hasn't felt this good in a long time. I feel strong and no longer carry a sense of vulnerability with my injury. My joints feel great and I exercise now not for therapeutic purposes but because it feels good. I have not had Acupuncture treatments since before I started using Liquid-Chi and if things stay the way they are I won't want to. I have now moved on to Vulcan's Treasure and am currently on my 3rd bottle. The effects I have experienced do not seem to vary a great deal from Liquid-Chi but the sub-conscious effects are by far more intense. Never since early childhood have I had such vivid, intense dreams, with such perfect recollection. Rarely as an adult would I recall any of my dreams and if I did the subject matter was usually quite pedestrian but now, I have powerful dreams almost every night and its almost too much to process. I now am looking forward with great anticipation towards what Hermes' Elixir holds in store for me.
Craig R. Williams 

1831 SW 170th St
Normandy Park, WA



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