Wonderful results. I am reporting my husband's experience with Ormus Liquid Chi products. After two months of taking the Ormus, he began what Castaneda would have called spontaneous recapitulation of his life, down to little details, specially family relations. His childhood emotions came back as if he had experienced them yesterday morning. Emotions came back with parental voices playing like a record on his mind (we are talking about a 47 year old man who worked for five years with a Fourth Way teacher and another three with a sufi teacher, he is also a visual and performance artist so he is used to dealing with emotions). Last month, during the full moon, he had an emotional crisis. He explained that the emotions moved thru his body as choppy ocean waters. (That is the metaphor he used). With that level of intensity this crisis lasted about one week. For the following three weeks he danced (sacred dance) and practiced Tai Chi and yoga and everything else under the sun. Once this was over, he recovered psychic abilities he had when he was a child: clairvoyance and premonitory dreams. His dreams are very vivid, some are lucid. A high level of artistic creativity is also present. His sense of smell has increased to the point of smelling at a considerable distance. He has developed an intense communication with children and animals, our cat can vouch for that. Sunlight kind of bothers him a little.  

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