Liquid Chi – Level 1 ORMUS

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Liquid Chi is a product whose source material comes directly from the waters of the deep pacific.

  • Can cleanse the body and remove energy blockages
  • Enhanced immune system functioning
  • Assists an increase in the rate of healing
  • Can slow and partially reverse the aging process
  • Assists strength and athletic conditioning
  • Mood enhancing and can act as an anti-depressant
  • Improves rest
  • Heightened energy and awareness
  • Assists addiction recovery
  • Meditation supplement
  • Balances both hemispheres of the Left and Right brain
  • Support inner Knowing and Discernment
  • Bring one into Flow, enhancing Synchronicity
  • Strengthen connection with Source
  • It amplifies the effect of herbal, homeopathic & gemstone supplements
  • Energetic amplification in reiki, healing, magical and ritual work
  • ORMUS is extracted and concentrated
  • Helps remove salt and heavy metals
  • Minerals are natural, balanced, and pristine


Liquid Chi™ starts its life from a journey out to sea on the back side of one of the most magnificent San Juan islands known for its high algae content. There the Solar Life Production team catches the upwelling currents at the edge of the continental shelf. The minerals are harvested in their most natural, balanced, and pristine condition. From the depths of the sea to final bottling, the material is coddled and treated with the respect it deserves. The product is cultivated and finished at a group meditation house and imbibed with light, love, wisdom and healing. Sealed in a EMF and radiation protected environment and shipped in EMF protective bagging to ensure the product arrives as immaculate as it was created. The ORME, ORMUS, or Qi “Life Energies” are extracted from the deep sea water to achieve a high concentration, while most of the salt and heavy metals are removed through a washing process utilizing artesian well water from two of the world’s famous “best drinking water locations” harnessing underground aquifers in Lynwood and Olympia, WA. To maximize the overall effects of Solar Life Production products it is recommended that TWO bottles of Liquid Chi are taken prior to moving to Vulcan’s Treasure- Level 2.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

9 reviews for Liquid Chi – Level 1 ORMUS

  1. Michael

    Highest Quality Ormus Products used to date!

  2. Jables

    I prefer this Ormus over the others I have tried quite a bit. There’s a reason that the old timers are using the wet method.

  3. Robert

    Great stuff, sourced from a wonderfully beautiful place, the sanjuans.
    This the best Ormus I’ve tried through the years, will keep buying here. Manna tonic is my favorite.

  4. Davy w.

    Taking liquid chi always gives me a boost in the morning. I can feel it as soon as I take it, almost instantaneous. Thank you, Solar life

  5. Nicholas Geoff

    Very Surprised by its effect on my awareness. At first it was hard to notice, but now when i take it in the morning it I can always notice it. Since taking these Ormus elexirs, my consciousness has increased during at night and during the day. The effects are hard to explain so I’m not going to try.
    I’ve tried other products, this has always been the best. Thank you SLP.

  6. peacekatwombyn

    I’m reordering the Liquid Chi because I’m sooo pleased with it’s impact on my awareness,
    emotional balance and overall sense of wellbeing ! Going to follow your suggestion & take a 2nd LQ before moving to Vulcan ‘s Treasure so benefits are maximized…but I can hardly wait to see how I feel with the 2nd step (VT). Solar Life Productions’ devotion & dedication to Light & Purity are felt before one even opens the bottle !!! Thanx sooo much !!

  7. Twui Jackson

    I’ve tried a lot of other ORMUS but I say Vulcan Treasure is the Best ormus out there hands down!!

  8. Josh (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these products. They are the “real deal”. I have had some serious changes happen in both my physical body & also have found a much better state emotionally. I have had some serious growth that i’ve been putting work into (self work). I think this has helped me move and process deep rooted issues. Taking the product doesn’t solve your problems with emotions or energy, but if you put the work in (meditation, yoga, etc – whatever your tool is) – I think you’ll find that you can identify some of the root issues with better clarity.

  9. Si Kemp

    Liquid Chi is a generative force. It prepare the “initiate” for handling higher powers and expressions of Being. I recommend this to all serious spiritual practitioners. It clears away the gunk and purges the bodies of heavy metals. Thank you to the alchemists creating this for humanity.

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