Br. Regal

This spiritual impulse is calling for a new set of spiritual products. We need a product that not only cultivates inner peace and clarity, but that transforms us at the deepest level of our individuality—the level of our motivations, our will, and our...

Travis S.

The Ormus you guys make is the “Gold Standard” I’ve processed 10 years’ worth of trauma in 1 month and ready for some more. I’m going to hang back a while at Level 1 liquid chi and continue to let the ormus work. This stuff is legit one synchronicity after another I...

Jules and Gnosis group

We want to wish the Solar Life team a happy new years and thank you for your incredible life changing products. We have started using your LiquidChi as our groups sacrament. What an awesome way for everyone to be unity together. We are co-existing and co-creating...

Sakyapa Order

Powerful!!! Just the fuel my meditation group needs early in the morning while completing Ngöndro. Noticed immediately increase energy and deity meditation visualization improvements. Asking around our group everyone noticed all aphantasia disappear.

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