Peter B.

My experience with Manna Tonic today that I wrote down and I’d like to share it – The awareness that ONLY GOD has ever existed. AT ALL TIMES there is nothing other than One-ness, Harmony, Perfection and Peace. ONE SOURCE ONE ENERGY ONE ESSENCE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS...

Victoria Sutherland

Liquid Chi’s Ormus has tremendously helped my mental state related to the effects of a global pandemic with COVID-19. I believe that Ormus could be the cure for the global pandemics of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY, of chronic diseases like CANCER and DIABETES, global...

Tracy Don

I had type 2 diabetes with a strong decline insulin production in my pancreas and was starting to experience all the horrors that go along with it. High blood sugar that was damaging to my  body and starting to notice vision loss. A friend I met at a 10-day vipassana...

Alice Z.

Its been 4 months now and I can reasonably assess the product called Liquid Chi. Taking the products as directed has helped me integrate deeply. One Zen master reminds his students, “After any powerful spiritual experience, there is an inevitable descent, a struggle...

Stan B.

I’ve tried a lot of nootropics on the market. I know ormus is normally not considered a traditional nootropic, but this stuff works. My job is hectic and requires nonstop multitasking. I’ve been taking Hermes Elixir now for 2 months and boss keeps telling me that I’ve...

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