Jules and Gnosis group

We want to wish the Solar Life team a happy new years and thank you for your incredible life changing products. We have started using your LiquidChi as our groups sacrament. What an awesome way for everyone to be unity together. We are co-existing and co-creating...

Sakyapa Order

Powerful!!! Just the fuel my meditation group needs early in the morning while completing Ngöndro. Noticed immediately increase energy and deity meditation visualization improvements. Asking around our group everyone noticed all aphantasia disappear.

Sid M.

After reading Barry Carters website Subtle Energies talking up Liquid Chi I had to give it a try. Out of the 30 different ormus vendors I’ve tried and do get me none of them are new to the market. Only Liquid Chi provides me that deeper connection to the spirit...


I wanted to report a few observations after about 3 weeks on Liquid Chi. My partner (59) and I (56) are both taking about 1-1/2 tsp each morning. We both noticed, almost immediately, more energy and focus. I began drawing again, and have returned to my art with new...

Craig R. Williams

When I originally tried Liquid-Chi, I had no understanding or belief in its ability to help me physically. In fact, I was looking forward to the possibility of spiritual growth and an enhancement of my body was not at all expected. What one discovers, or maybe...

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