I have been using your products for the past year and have tried all of them. Each offers its own experiences and has its own unique qualities. I find it effective to rotate through the different products. When I seem to have absorbed the effects of one, I move on to...


Wonderful results. I am reporting my husband’s experience with Ormus Liquid Chi products. After two months of taking the Ormus, he began what Castaneda would have called spontaneous recapitulation of his life, down to little details, specially family relations....


I’ve been suffering for about 10 years with a fungal infection on the soles of my feet. Quite unbelievably, I contracted it from over exposure to dry rot when restoring an old building in the early ’90s. In fact, my complaint is actually logged...

Anonymous 1

Very soon after I started taking the Merlin’s Chalice, I noticed an improvement in my acne. I’m a 35-year-old male who has had chronic acne since I was about 16. I’ve been into natural health for at least 15 years, and have tried everything under the...

Marie L.

I wanted to let you know about something that I tried. I have had really bad acne, or what doctors call acne for a long time but I have always thought I had something wrong, like toxins in my body or a serious hormone imbalance. I mixed about 2 tbs of the liquid-chi...

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